Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Simple Yellow Orchids on Birdcage

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

White Orchids

This is made for the more simple 'bride' or 'groom' ...just one stalk of orchids and a few baby's breaths is all you need to create this theme.

Pink Morning Glories

Smaller birdcage....for perfumes...

I'm surprised how well these flowers turned out.....they look sooo sweet...

Blue Morning Glories

Birdcages come in these two sizes. The morning glory flowers are a little bit on the limited stock side...but I'm sure it can work even if you need up to 15 gangsa.

Peony on Birdcage

Friday, 24 September 2010

New White Gangsa

This is our new gangsa collection. It's a nice change for those who like to be different.

White Gangsa with green/yellow Orchids

These orchids we've ordered have a rubber like texture which also make the flowers appear very real. This arrangement is simple but I really like the simplicity of it all.

White Gangsa with White Roses

This is our latest 'gangsa' design. White roses are made of velvet and appear to look quite real. Love it..!

White Birdcage

These white birdcages were my first favourite item for hantaran. To me it just feels very 'weddingy'.
Birdcage comes in two sizes. This is the larger size and we also have smaller sized birdcages also.

Velvet Roses

This 'Silver Case' theme is another one of my favourites. For this I recommend it to be presented on the silver gangsa without any 'lapik' covering.

Wooden Theme

This 'Wooden Theme' would probably be suitable if you prefer the more traditional feel. I've paired it up with these vintage coloured peonies to enhance the wood.