Saturday, 26 March 2011

TIPS: How to Choose Chocolates Good For Hantaran

This is a special note for those who wish to include chocolates in their hantaran. Here are a few of our tips to choosing chocolates.

1) If you would like the chocolates to be arranged, for example, into the shape of a tower or 'whatever' then it is advisable to pick a chocolate that is individually wrapped. This makes attatching together the pieces possible. The two most commonly used chocolates and 'fail safe' chocolate are 'Ferrero Roche' and 'Patchi'. These two are just very versatile and easy to work with.

2) If you are going to buy chocolates that are in boxes, choose a reasonable sized box of chocolates. If the boxes are too big it might not look nice in the overall arrangement (unless it's just one big box - then probably that would be OKAY). Several small boxes of chocolates might look better. It's also advisable to keep the boxes the same size. An assortment of different sized boxes may be a little bit tricky to arrange and the end result may turn out to appear to messy.

3) Another important tip is, when choosing chocolates in boxes its best to have the colour of the box matching to your colour theme. So for example, if your colour theme is purple and white, maybe good idea to choose anything with Cadbury box colours purple and white also. As long as the colours blend in harmony the overall hantaran will appear grand.

4) And lastly, it's best to have chocolates that don't easily melt for obvious reasons. So.... pick a durable chocolate that can stay in shape even at room temperature. ;)

Friday, 25 March 2011

Engagment Day

What Could Be More Romantic Than A Ring From Tiffany??

*That's not a Tiffany ring btw, the box is original though... It's just my ring i've put in for the picture...OKAY.. :P

Purple and White

Patchi Chocolates

Cincin 1 and Duit 1

Cincin 2 and Duit 2

Pink Roses

Ring and Buku Permintaan.

Royce Chocolates


This was for an engagement event.