Sunday, 26 June 2011


This hantaran was for a Tunang Event.

The concept was 'lighthouse' for this particular chocolate tower.

Since this was for the Groom, the Bride requested that the hantaran not be too girlie looking.

Patchi chocolates

Songkok, Baju Cara Melayu and Sinjang

I like the idea of using lanterns case because it also keeps the items safe. However, it can be slightly heavy to carry.

Monday, 20 June 2011

*LATEST NEWS* : Last Minute Hantaran Orders

In the event that hantarans are given last minute, we have come up with the following charges:

To complete in 7-14 days : $50 each hantaran design

To complete in 3 days : $70 each hantaran design

Terms & Conditions

1) FULL PAYMENT required in advanced.

2) The job will be accepted provided the items are available and have not been rented out already.

3) Designs made with very limited time will not be open for discussion and critisicm due to there not being enough time to re-do the hantarans anyway. So 'like' it or 'love' it..!

Sooo... don't despair! There is hope for those brides/grooms which are in a rush.... This is an option for you. :)