Monday, 11 July 2011

AVAILABLE FOR SALE : Silver Quran Cases

Last year I had purchased many of these silver cases thinking that I would be able to use this for my hantaran decoration. Turns out, I only used them once and I'm finding it difficult to use them again.

Why I say difficult, because eventhough this is a 'silver case' people do relate this as being a Quran case and so it becomes a bit of a sensitive issue if anything else other than a Quran is put inside.

So because of that I feel it's best if it be used as a Quran case. Which brings me to now...what am I going to do with over 20 or was it 30 Quran cases??? So I'm putting it up for sale.... anyone searching for a Quran case.... please buy one from me.

They all look exactly like this. Good condition.

Those who may be interested:

- Couples getting married

- People in the 'hantaran' business

- can be given as a gift, especially since Puasa month is coming up

- House decoration

Hurry while stocks lasts. :)

BND$30 each